Extended Family

Kalbarri I'm Your Wild Thing OFA Good, Baer N, Prcd Obligate A or B

Razzle is loved by Matt, Sioban and their daughter Alana in CA.

Alana and Razzle have a very special relationship. Sure warms the heart.

Rest in Peace Sweet Razzle


Ch Kalbarri Chute Kickn Scatter



Chuter is owned and loved by Victoria in NY and co-owned by Kalbarri.

Kalbarri Blue Just N Time aka Kallie

Steve is quite the sportsman going four wheeling, fishing, camping and Kallie is his constant companion. Steve owns his own company and Kallie goes to work with him every day. Thanks Steve for loving Kallie and giving her such a great home.

Kalbarri Walker Redd aka Bluey is owned by Bobby & Marian

We knew Bluey was talented! How many cattlekids have their own Gator to drive? 

Thank you Bobby & Marian for loving Bluey, we know you adore him.

Rest in Peace Sweet Boy


Dolly is loved by Walt in NY. 2004 was a cold winter.

We rescued Dolly when she was about 8 months old. She was on her way to the pound by a very abusive owner. With love and lots of attention, Dolly realized that she could trust again. Thank you Walt for giving Dolly a wonderful loving home. Rest in Peace Sweet Dolly.

Kalbarri Kickn Dash

Kicker is owned and loved by Jennifer in MN and Co-Owned by Kalbarri.

Kalbarri Kola Rye

Kola is also owned and loved by Jennifer in MN and Co-Owned by Kalbarri.

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